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Welcome to the website featuring the military and equestrian art prints and paintings of artist Mark Churms.   Mark Churms .co .uk features military artwork commissioned by Cranston Fine Arts during the 1990s.  Many of these major commissioned paintings depict important military battles throughout history, from ancient and medieval warfare through to the Falklands war, and including the important periods in between, like the Napoleonic Wars, Jacobite Rebellion and 19th Century Colonial and Imperial Wars.  These paintings and art prints still stand as being among the best works of artist Mark Churms, and this website has been created to showcase these fantastic paintings and prints at these discounted prices.



Mark Churms

Mark Churms

Mark was born in Wales in 1967. He gained his degree in Architectural Studies at Oxford Polytechnic in 1989, but soon his interest in drawing buildings was surpassed by his love of painting horses and in 1991 he began work as a freelance artist. His first commissions were for sporting subjects, Polo, Racing and Hunting. However his consuming passion for military history, particularly of the Napoleonic era, quickly became his dominant theme, with the invaluable counsel of French military experts (accuracy in uniform and terrain of the various battles takes a great deal of time and consultation with many experts across Europe). Mark Churms joined Cranston Fine Arts in 1991 and for a period of 8 years, was commissioned for several series and special commissions. His series of the Zulu War, and of the Battle of Waterloo were the highlights during this period. Mark Churms' deep understanding and detailed knowledge of the period made Mark at that time one of the most prolific and successfull artists for Cranston Fine Arts. Cranston Fine Arts are proud with their series of superb art prints and original paintings painted by Mark Churms in this period. We now offer Mark Churms art prints in special 2 and 4 print packs with great discounts as well as a number of selected original paintings at upto half price.


Big Sale on Original Pencil Drawings

Collection of original pencil drawings by Mark Churms

Original drawings from the 1990s, produced in preparation for the large original oil paintings by Mark Churms.  The pencil drawings are now being offered at huge discounts of over 50%

Big Sale on Original Oil Paintings

Collection of original oil paintings by Mark Churms

A large selection of major original paintings by Mark Churms are now available at huge discounts.


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Ancient & Medieval History

Ancient & Medieval History

Jacobite Rebellion

Jacobite Rebellion

Napoleonic Wars

Napoleonic Wars

Crimean War

Crimean War

Colonial India

Colonial India and the Indian Mutiny

Zulu War Art Prints

Zulu Wars

American History

American Historical Art Prints

Modern British Forces Art

Falklands War & Modern British Military Paintings

Naval Art 

View Naval Prints

Medieval Art - Robert the Bruce - Ancient and Roman - Jacobite Rebellion - Zulu War Art - Napoleonic Art - American History - Crimean War - Colonial India - Modern British Military - Naval Prints - Mark Churms Print List - Postcards - Work in Progress Article - Pencil Artwork - Original Paintings

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